Online opportunities to make some extra cash are extensive. If you are wanting to make money online, knowing which ones are worthy of your time and energy is a great place to start. From market research analysts to ghostwriters, there are some great ways to supplement an income, and chances to work from home are ideal for parents or people who don’t have transport to rely on.

Market Research Analyst Jobs

There are numerous market research companies that pay people to conduct market research on behalf of their clients. Companies bag substantial amounts of money to have people sample a number of websites and report on their experiences. Some of these jobs involve going through an online purchase, for while you’ll be reimbursed. As we are living in the digital age, any business or site has to have a firm online presence to succeed. Market research firms will hire people to sample and provide feedback on websites, their purchasing procedures, and customer service. This information is valuable as it provides sites and companies with inside information on how they need to improve to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.


Ghostwriting is a freelance writing option that can generate a lot of extra income, depending, of course, on how good you are, which sites you write for, and how much work you put in. There are a number of content sites out there that hire ghostwriters to produce a steady stream of fresh content for their sites. This is not only important in terms of ensuring people have a reason to regularly visit a site, but it is also important in terms of how a page is ranked by the search engines. Ghostwriters write on another person’s behalf. A ghostwriter forfeits the rights to their articles or written content in exchange for the immediate payment of the work. Ghostwriters aren’t working towards building their own brand as their name is not attached to their work.

Blogging is a huge force on the internet, and often when a blog becomes very popular, the blogger cannot always keep up with writing regular blog posts to keep their followers satisfied and coming back for more. These bloggers often hire ghostwriters to write their content, then it gets added onto their blog as their own post under their name, not the writers. In these instances, ghostwriters are provided with in-depth instructions regarding the voice, tone, and content of the post. Ghostwriters are good writers and good researchers. Ghostwriting often involves writing about topics that are new and unknown; that is where good research skills are important and come in.