Packing Instructions (

Cartridges are likely to be damaged in transit if they are unprotected. To prevent damage, put individual cartridges into a large box sutible for the weight and fill the box with newspaper or bubble wrap. Please >do not pack them back in their original boxes as these are too bulky. We regret we cannot accept toner bottles.

Place the cartridges carefully in an outer box. This can be any strong cardboard box you have available. If you are placing toner cartridges in the box loose (i.e. not protected by bubble wrap or similar), please stack them in layers in the box, and fill any gaps between the cartridges and the box with newspaper or other packing material. Inkjets should ideally be put together in a smaller box/envelope and then placed in your toner box.

When the box is full, fill any large gaps with newspaper or other packaging material. Ensure that it is possible for one person to lift the box we recommend a maximum weight of 30 Kilos for health and safety reasons. Tape the box securely with parcel tape.

Call our Customer Service team and ask to arrange a collection. We will agree a date to collect your cartridges and give you a unique tracking reference. You should label each of your packages clearly with the tracking reference and your postcode. Please note that we require a minimum of 20 cartridges. Please ensure that at least two people at your premises are aware of the location of the cartridges and date they are to be collected. We recommend you fax or email us a list of the type and quantity of cartridges you are sending we are unable to investigate any losses or discrepancies if you do not do this.

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