While the internet is a treasure trove for those who have a bit of experience in some subject of the other and want to earn money in their free time, these sites are not suited for people who do not have mastery over any topic. However, there is no need for them to despair, as the net is also full of opportunities that are suited to help make money online for beginners. We shall not discuss playing games in online casinos to earn money as we do not advocate gambling. You might be surprised to know that you can easily earn money, sufficient to meet your pocket expenses, by completing online surveys.

Search online for such sites and join a few of them. They will send you details of the latest surveys via email that you provided while signing up for them. They will provide you a certain number of points for each survey, depending on your knowledge of the topic and how many fields you have answered. When you gather enough points, you can request for payment. Typically, such sites make payment through online payment processors such as PayPal; therefore, ensure you first sign up for an account with PayPal (or whatever payment processor the site supports), to receive your payment.

Reviewing applications and sites
Developers of mobile applications pay users to test their application and find out how properly it works. This provides you with another avenue to earn money. You can also earn money by reviewing websites and leaving your comments on the glitches you found on them.

Deliver Goods
If you can drive a bicycle, you can earn good money by collecting parcels from the warehouses of big online retailers and delivering them to the addressees. Many logistics companies are also on the lookout for such persons, willing to devote a couple of hours each day to deliver goods to their clients. You might also try visiting local takeaways and bigger fast food chains to see if they have any delivery jobs available.

Data entering
You might not be efficient in content writing, but as long as you can type fast, you can earn money by doing data entry jobs for other companies. You are paid a specified amount for the number of fields you complete.

Cashback companies
No doubt, you know that cash back companies offer you discounts when you purchase online goods through their application. However, you might not know that they offer money each time somebody else downloads their application through your affiliate link and uses it to purchase goods. If you manage to have even 100 affiliates under you, and they all spend quite a lot in purchasing goods through that app, you end up earning good money.