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At the beginning of time, there was quantum gravity, and with the blink of an eye, it decayed into a unified field of energy. Then, the following 100,000 years, time and space expanded until the universe was full of pure energy. As this pure energy decayed into the smaller matter, the first known atoms of helium and hydrogen were formed.

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Stars were born by large amounts of matter stuck together. Pressure and heat rose until nuclear fusion happened, and the first stars in our universe were born. Pressure and heat from client demands also saw the need for professional escort agencies and multicultural stars were born. As new stars traveled billions of years, they formed our galaxy and it expanded. The use of escorts across the universe has also expanded on a robust scale.

As time moved forward, stars become full of heavier elements and imploded on themselves into supernovas sending all kinds of elements into outer space. The internet is also full of heavy elements and supernovas like independent escorts and scam artists who try to steal the light away from the true stars like our escorts.

Fortunately, as the stars moved through space, a second generation was formed with new planets orbiting the universe that was made from iron, silicon, oxygen, carbon, nickel, and thousands of other elements. For those who don’t know, one of those planets is called Earth.

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