Money to Schools Collection Cycle Packing Guidelines

Money to Schools is the market leader for printer cartridge and mobile phone recycling programmes for schools in the UK. Money is donated to your school for every recyclable printer cartridge and mobile phone you collect - so the more you can collect, the more you can raise!

We accept ALL types of printer cartridge and mobile phones, making Money to Schools the simplest and most environmentally friendly recycling programme in the UK. We pay you a cash value for each recyclable item received. A full and up to date price list can be found by clicking the View Latest Prices button to the left.

Setting up your collection programme

  • All you need to do is provide a collection point where the printer cartridges and mobile phones can be placed for recycling.
  • When you have 20 items or more from our price list, request a FREE collection online or by calling 01372 751170. See our packaging guidelines for details of how to pack your cartridges to prevent damage.
  • Why not get local businesses to recycle their cartridges and help raise money for your school? We can collect directly from them for free! See our letter templates on the Resources page.

Tips on promoting your collection programme:

  • Seek the co-operation of fellow teachers, members and pupils.
  • Use our free promotional materials to kick-start your programme.
  • Develop further fundraising ideas through pupils, parents, suppliers, friends of the school, local business etc.
  • Hand out explanatory leaflets and flyers which we can provide.
  • Place your collection point where it will be highly visible and easily accessed. We provide A4 sticky labels to put on your collection box.
  • Notify parents, clubs, societies and the local business community that your school has established a collection programme and would like their empty printer cartridges and mobile phones.
  • Organise class competitions or offer house points for 'Recycler of the Month/Term'.


After each collection we will email you a statement which details each item we received from you and their value.

Statements for any items received via FREEPOST Recycling Envelopes will be sent once the value of received items is more than £20.

If your school or organisation is VAT registered then we request that you send an invoice to us for the amount on your statement.

We will send payment via cheque on a monthly basis for items received during the previous month, if the monthly value does not exceed £20.00 the sum will roll over to the following month.